TriNet professionals are available to speak to both small and large groups on a wide variety of health care topics. Our seminars have consistently received high marks from the audience for the strength of the speaker, practicality of ideas which were presented, the depth of discussion and the quality of the information which was provided. TriNet professionals have presented seminars for national and regional organizations including HFMA, NESHPM, CHA, HAP, AHA, MHA, NJHA and Inforum.

Examples of seminars which TriNet professionals have given in the past are outlined below. If you are interested in more information on TriNet, please email your request to

  • Managed Care and Capitation
  • Structuring Your Practice to be Successful Under Managed Care
  • Evaluating Strategies and Monitoring Performance
  • Alternative Private Practice Models. How Do I Choose?
  • Strategic Financial Planning and Ambulatory Care
  • Financial Planning for Non-Financial Managers
  • Business Planning for the Elderly
  • Financing Health Care Services for the Elderly
  • Using Decision Support to Facilitate Strategic Planning
  • Using Critical Pathways to Cost Out Nursing Services
  • Activity-Based Costing in a Hospital Setting: An Exploratory Study
  • Measures of Success: a Biweekly Productivity Monitoring Tool
  • Physician Costing Update
  • Cost Accounting’s ‘Long and Winding Road’
  • A Cost Accounting Primer
  • Maximizing Decision Support Benefits
  • Flexible Budgeting
  • The Medicare RB-RVS System. What Will Be the Impact on the Private Practice Environment

Presentations – To view a variety of in-depth presentations that TriNet has made on health care
related topics, please click Here.