Integrated Delivery Systems

Integrated Delivery Systems (IDS) have developed throughout the country as a result of marketplace pressures and the threat that the primary form of reimbursement will be through a process of global budgeting or capitation. The development of IDS has resulted in the consolidation of providers both horizontally, among hospitals of various types, and vertically, among physicians, outpatient and mental health centers, home health agencies, and other groups. Consolidation has also occurred at the payer level. As the IDS form, many critical issues with regard to the successful integration of all entities must be addressed.

TriNet has extensive experience the types of projects outlined below and has worked with IDS to resolve critical issues in these areas.

  • IPA development and contracting including capitation analysis and risk distribution
  • PHO development, business planning and contracting including capitation analysis and risk distribution
  • Foundation operational assessment
  • IPA/PHO profit distribution model
  • Group practice development
  • Physician valuations for solo and group practices
  • Provider evaluations other than physicians
  • Physician practice evaluations (Operations, Billing, MIS)
  • MSO development
  • Decision Support system development for expanded providers in IDS (group practices, outpatient facilities, subacute/SNF facilities)